Multi Media Channels LLC
Local media-better results.

Companies measure success in many ways. Some talk about the technology used. Others quantify success in terms of size or geography covered.

We choose to define success by the niche we fill, the company we keep and the customers we satisfy. We are Multi Media Channels LLC.

Multi Media Channels LLC is a diverse media company with a history of adapting to changing times and delivering a quality product to its customers.  The company has four main areas of operation covering East, Central and Northern Wisconsin:
    • Community papers
    • Magazines
    • Digital properties
    • Distribution network

We began as a newspaper publishing company in Denmark, Wis in 1953 and expanded into other markets with community publications under the leadership of our founder, Frank Wood. Our company grew to 25 print publications before selling all but two in 2004.

Niche 1: Community Papers

Multi Media Channels returned to the newspaper business in a dominant fashion in 2012 with the acquisition of community publications from Journal Community Publications Group. With the acquisition, our company added 12 community papers with a combined circulation exceeding 200,000 in  Central and Northern Wisconsin.

Residents in the regions served by these publications receive news and information tailored to their communities and surrounding areas—valuable news to these residents but largely overlooked by large daily newspapers or broadcast media. We are proud to provide this valuable service because everyone deserves access to news and information in their community.

    • Clintonville Shoppers' Guide
    • Clintonville Tribune Gazette
    • Foto News (Merrill)
    • Hodag Buyers' Guide (Rhinelander)
    • Marshfield Buyers' Guide
    • New London Buyers' Guide
    • New London Press Star
    • Picture Post (Waupaca, published Memorial Day through Labor Day)
    • Star Journal (Rhinelander)
    • Stevens Point Buyers' Guide
    • Waupaca Buyers' Guide
    • Waupaca County Post
    • Wausau Buyers' Guide
    • Wisconsin Rapids Buyers' Guide

Niche 2: Specialty Publications & Magazines

While our community publications target niche markets in geographical areas, our specialty publications and magazines pinpoint a wide range of interests. We have nine magazine/specialty publications including our newest, Packerland Pride magazine. This publication takes a unique perspective on the culture of Packer fans in Central Wisconsin instead of focusing on the daily activity of their beloved football team. The following are the specialty/magazine publications:

    • Auto Gazette
    • AutoPlus
    • Central Wisconsin Hoopla Magazine
    • Fox Valley Boomers Magazine
    • Full-Throttle Magazine
    • Living on the Lake Magazine
    • Northwoods Boomers
    • Northwoods Commerce Magazine
    • On the Water Magazine
    • Packerland Pride Magazine
    • Silent Sports Magazine
    • Wisconsin Journeys Magazine
    • Wedding Planner Magazine
    • Dozens of annual titles

Niche 3: Digital Properties

The world changes rapidly . . . almost by the minute. While our commitment is provide the finest print media to our readers, we also understand our customers also want access to current information 24 hours a day.

Multi Media Channels LLC takes the needs and wants of the customer very seriously, which is why many of our print publications also have an internet presence. These websites along with our social media sites not only provide readers an option for getting the latest news and information, but frequently provide us with feedback to make these services perform better.

We currently have eight websites with links to the accompanying social media pages.

Niche 4: Distribution

Providing information to a customer base requires a fine-tuned means of delivery. Our community papers and specialty publications/magazines all have in-house distribution networks ensuring the reader receives their publication in a timely manner. However, we also offer distribution of materials through two companies, each with a defined market.

Bullseye Distribution started as a delivery service for our Auto Gazette publication. This group covers a 27-county region in East, Central and Northern Wisconsin going to locations using racks we own filled with our materials along with information other companies pays us to distribute.  We service these racks on a regular basis, guaranteeing people have access to this valuable information.

The Wisconsin Single Copy Network contracts with major newspapers to deliver their publications to strategic locations in Northern Wisconsin. Each day, our dedicated drivers load their vehicles with publications including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, New York Times, USA Today and Wisconsin State Journal ensuring their readers in remote areas can purchase the newspaper without the need for a mailed subscription that often arrives days later.


Multi Media Channels LLC is a strong believer in the power of print. We believe print’s strength is in the ability to reach customers in a geographical or interest niche that isn’t covered well by other media. Our commitment to our readers is what drives us to provide the finest service in print, digital and social media by a loyal and talented staff of over 150. You can learn more about us by talking with any of our representatives. We’re always there for you.